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Life on the banks of the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya runs right through the heart of Bangkok and offers easy access to river taxi’s to move around. Advertisements

Photos from the top of the Cologne Cathedral (Der Kölner Dom)

As you might expect, I took a lot of pictures of the Cologne Cathedral but I’m waiting until I return home to process them before posting. This is mainly because I took a… Continue reading

Cargo crane or office building? Cologne Germany

These buildings are somewhat famous in Cologne Germany as they were built to look like cargo cranes used to load ships. There are three of them but I couldn’t get the third entirely in… Continue reading

PhotoSec: Suspension Bridge at MacDonald Park

MacDonald Park in Carnation Washington is a great place to take a walk. There are several pathways and of course, there is the suspension bridge for foot traffic. You can also rent a… Continue reading

PhotoSec: Preston-Snoqualmie Trail

aWe’ve had a run of nice days since Saturday and since I had yesterday off, we went on an easy hike. We jumped on the Preston-Snoqualmie trail at Fall City. Round trip from… Continue reading

PhotoSec: Grand Canyon

In March of 2011 we drove into the Grand Canyon from the east entrance. We had just spent the day at the Antelope Slot canyons in Page AZ so it was late afternoon… Continue reading

PhotoSec: The Island of Duvall

I’ve talked about the Snoqualmie River valley in previous posts. Duvall is on the east side and all of the rest of civilization is on the west. This includes cities like Redmond, Bellevue,… Continue reading

PhotoSec: Hot Air Ballooning in Snohomish Washington

One of the most thrilling things I have ever done was this hot air balloon ride we did for my daughter’s 16th birthday. Snohomish is north of Seattle and is next to the… Continue reading

The Dirty Windshield

One of the thing I like about how technology has advanced in the mobile space is the quality of the cameras on our mobile phones. I carry two phones, a BlackBerry Bold and… Continue reading

Foggy Mornings

If there’s one thing besides rain we get a lot of here in my part of Washington state, it’s fog. That’s because the Snoqualmie river runs through a fairly deep valley and in… Continue reading

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