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The Fish – Barcelona Spain

At the Peix Hotel d’Arts in Barcelona, you will find the Port Olimpic Fish Sculpture by Frank Gehry. Here I’ve painted it in Lightroom and cropped it quite a bit. Advertisements

Cathedral Sunset

In the early 1990’s, I began moving my artistic endeavors from drawing charcoal portraits on paper to doing art on the computer. I progressed from art pieces to designing logo’s, brochures, and eventually… Continue reading

Rose painting in Lightroom part 2

Not a whole lot of manipulation in this one. I was mainly trying to make the viens in the pedals stand out more, make it more vibrant, and also give it a bit… Continue reading

Rose painting in Lightroom part 1

Hard to believe it’s October and there are still rose’s in the yard. We are in one of the longest dry spells in history here in the Seattle area so we continue to… Continue reading

Zombie Affect in Lightroom

This picture started out a little on the odd side so while playing around with it in Lightroom, I created the “Zombie Affect”. For those with Lightroom, you can get the preset I… Continue reading

Lamborguini LP640 or Porche Carrera GT

Help me decide, which one should I buy when I win the lottery? These were my two favorites at a recent car show.

Tree of Life – Lightroom Painting

I took this picture on the island of Oahu not far from Turtle Bay Resort. This tree is magnificent in many ways. I kept thinking I’d drive by it at a time when… Continue reading

Yellow Forest – More on Painting in Lightroom

A friend took this picture of my daughter on a hike in the cascade foothills. At the time, I had created a preset in Lightroom I called “the Bear” for a set of… Continue reading

Painting in Lightroom

Another photo from Oahu Hawaii. This was a pose that I liked but unfortunately, came out a little blurry. Not wanting to give up on it, I started messing around with it in… Continue reading

PhotoSec: Wasp up close

Wasps in my opinion are like the sharks of the bee community. They just fly around with a singular purpose and they look cool and terrifying at the same time. Some say they… Continue reading

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