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Twin Falls

Hiked to Twin Falls today with my wife and cousin who is visiting from the Netherlands. This hike is about 30 minutes east of Seattle in the North Bend WA area. The sun… Continue reading

5D Moon

Ok, finally made the jump to full frame and got a Canon 5D Mark III. I’ve been pretty busy at work so have not had a chance to play around with it much… Continue reading

Testing a new lens on my favorite subject: JoJo

It’s been a long time since my last post. A lot has happened in the last month. In addition to a little traveling, my wife’s father passed away (damn that cancer!) and we… Continue reading

PowerShot Pieces

I like to take things apart and when going through some junk in a cabinet, I came across this old Canon PowerShot A70 that quit working a long time ago. So I took… Continue reading

11 Frame Motocross Jump Sequence – Canon 7D Rocks!

I recently posted some pictures of a motocross shoot I did of my nephew Vince Wiener. I got some pretty good shots that day but I thought I would compile this sequence into… Continue reading

Pet Test: New 85mm Prime Lens

I wish I had the  US $2,000 for the high end Canon f1.4 85mm prime lens but I don’t. All the same, for a fraction of the price you can get the Canon… Continue reading

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