Pet Test: New 85mm Prime Lens

I wish I had the  US $2,000 for the high end Canon f1.4 85mm prime lens but I don’t. All the same, for a fraction of the price you can get the Canon f1.8 85mm prime. A lens that gets extremely good reviews everywhere. The one I ordered for portrait work showed up today so I decided to quickly test it out on my three pets. After just a little bit of usage, I am extremely impressed with this lens. It is extremely fast and the pictures are crisp. The worst of the lot were of my shephard (Niki) who was in some heavy shadow. I could have moved in closer but wanted to see how well it would do from about 10 feet away with a tight crop applied. Not bad for how dark it was.

Niki. She was in the shadows and I was about ten feet away so not as sharp as some of the others