11 Frame Motocross Jump Sequence – Canon 7D Rocks!

I recently posted some pictures of a motocross shoot I did of my nephew Vince Wiener. I got some pretty good shots that day but I thought I would compile this sequence into one photo to demonstrate the capability of the Canon 7D and its 8+ frames per second shutter speed. I video taped this jump and the entire thing is less than 2 seconds. Counting when the front tire first entered the frame to the last photo you can see just as he goes over the hill, I got a total of 11 frames. I was up in the air when I bought this as I thought hard about going full frame but that would have been a lot more money for both the camera and the fact that I would have needed to upgrade most of my lenses. With this kind of capability, I’m happy with the decision I made 😉

About this image:

I’m sure there is an easier way to do this in Photoshop but basically, I imported about 14 photos and then used “Auto-Align Layers” to line them all up. Keeping the first photo (with just the front tire in it) as my base, I then used the quick selection tool to cut the image of the rider on each of the remaining pictures and then pasted those into layers above the base. I originally tried using “auto-blend layers” but that didn’t quite get the full results I was looking for. If anyone knows of a simpler way, please leave a comment!