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Inside the explosion – 4th of July fireworks up close

Here are some close crops of the fireworks in Honolulu. This show was unlike others that I’ve seen. It had a decidedly tropical feel to it with all of the floral and palm… Continue reading

Rose painting in Lightroom part 2

Not a whole lot of manipulation in this one. I was mainly trying to make the viens in the pedals stand out more, make it more vibrant, and also give it a bit… Continue reading

Rose painting in Lightroom part 1

Hard to believe it’s October and there are still rose’s in the yard. We are in one of the longest dry spells in history here in the Seattle area so we continue to… Continue reading

An awesome green plantscape

When I downloaded this from my camera, I instantly made it my cover photo on Facebook. Something about the color and the small little petals on these chrysanthemum’s that I really like. I wonder… Continue reading

Big Black Bees are Back

It’s spring in the Pacific Northwest and bee lovers are happy to see some bees returning. Good news for bee lovers! While visiting relatives, the Heather by their house was all abuzz with… Continue reading

Hummingbird’s Love Fuchsia’s!

For the last couple of years, one of my photography goals has been to capture a hummingbird. I had a few opportunities at my wife’s parents house but there the birds were coming… Continue reading

Light and Color Manipulation in Lightroom

I’m a computer geek and I love working with graphics and video editing software. For me, half of the fun of taking pictures and video is all the cool things you can do… Continue reading

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