Rose painting in Lightroom part 1

Hard to believe it’s October and there are still rose’s in the yard. We are in one of the longest dry spells in history here in the Seattle area so we continue to see some plants in bloom. I just picked up a Canon G12 camera for travel and thought I would take a few shots of these last roses to test it out.

Not sure what type this rose is. My wife, who is a florist, said that sometimes they are referred to as “painted roses”. She also said that what I turned it into looks a lot like a “hocus pocus rose”.

All of the manipulation of the original was done in Lightroom 4. Here’s a quick run down of what I did and relative order:

  1. Increased the blacks a little
  2. Reduced green, aqua, and blue saturation and lumination
  3. Darkened shadows
  4. Turned the clarity up quite a bit
  5. Bumped the red and orange saturation up
  6. Bumped red lumination up
  7. Set orange lumination to zero
  8. Set purple and magenta lumination & saturation to zero
  9. Increased sharpness
  10. Added noise reduction to give it a smoothed out, paint like effect
  11. Added vignetting to darken corners
  12. Brought the vibrance down
  13. Brought saturation down
  14. Increased red saturation more