Tree of Life – Lightroom Painting

I took this picture on the island of Oahu not far from Turtle Bay Resort. This tree is magnificent in many ways. I kept thinking I’d drive by it at a time when the light was just right but that never happened so I stopped and took some pictures towards the end of our stay just to make sure I got it. Needless to say, I was less than happy with the picture. It was the wrong time of day making the light less than desirable and because this is in the middle of a horse pasture with a bunch of keep out signs, I didn’t get the angle I would have preferred.

All was not lost though! After removing the fence and structures from the background in Photoshop, I spent about 30 minutes making adjustments to the picture in Lightroom. I’ll give a little hint on how to achieve the effect that I think makes these look like a painting: it’s done with the sharpening and noise reduction sliders.

Anyway, here are the before and after shots of what I call “the Tree of Life”.