Yellow Forest – More on Painting in Lightroom

A friend took this picture of my daughter on a hike in the cascade foothills. At the time, I had created a preset in Lightroom I called “the Bear” for a set of pictures of a grizzly bear at the Woodland Park Zoo. I decided to apply that preset to this picture and loved the results. So much so that I had the final printed on canvas which is now hanging in my livingroom.

I still need to import this preset into Lightroom 4 but essentially, anything green is changed to yellow, the clarity was bumped way up, and shadow areas were darkened. As you can see, my daughter is virtually unchanged because I didn’t touch any of the colors associated with her or what she was wearing. This was all done simply by adjusting color and lighting sliders. There is no Photoshop here, no layers, no painting, nada. Just Lightroom adjustments.

One of these days I’ll start posting my presets for download and in a future post, I’ll demonstrate one I call “Zombie”.

Results of making light and color adjustments in Adobe Lightroom

Original photo