Cathedral Sunset

In the early 1990’s, I began moving my artistic endeavors from drawing charcoal portraits on paper to doing art on the computer. I progressed from art pieces to designing logo’s, brochures, and eventually web sites which is how I ended up working at the largest software company in the world. Over the years I drifted away from what got me started but now I find that my love for photography has brought me back around to using the computer to create more artistic pieces. Combining the two is extremely satisfying to me regardless if I’m the only one who likes the result 🙂

I take thousands of pictures but only a few strike me as having the right qualities to turn into something that’s a little more than a photograph. This picture, taken at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Barcelona, is one of those. The way the light played across the stones in the building was pretty amazing. I’m thinking of having this one printed on canvas.