PhotoSec: Preston-Snoqualmie Trail

aWe’ve had a run of nice days since Saturday and since I had yesterday off, we went on an easy hike. We jumped on the Preston-Snoqualmie trail at Fall City. Round trip from there out to Snoqualmie is about five miles. This is a state parks trail and it’s paved so pretty easy stroll. You do have to watch out for black bears though. The park ranger we ran into said the bears around there aren’t too aggressive but, they are bears! Luckily, we didn’t see any today 😉

The ranger also told us about a pair of Osprey who were building a nest on top of a power line pole. Osprey means “Fish Hawk” as they are known for their fishing ability. From a distance, they look like a Bald Eagle but they are not near as big. Even so, they are fairly good size with wing spans from 4.5 to 6 feet. They were both really too far away for my 200mm lens so these pictures are not the greatest. However, they are just good enough to see that the one flying is carrying something. It could be materials for the nest or maybe it was lunch. Regardless, it was sure making a show if it by first climbing and then diving over and over again. Perhaps a mating ritual?

This was the first time I’d been out on this trail and I had heard you can see Snoqualmie Falls from it. I was a little disappointed though because you can only see the top of the falls. When the lower trail leading up to the base of the falls opens up, I think I’ll hike in there and get some close up shots.