The Dirty Windshield

One of the thing I like about how technology has advanced in the mobile space is the quality of the cameras on our mobile phones. I carry two phones, a BlackBerry Bold and an iPhone 4s. The latter has an 8MP camera and I use it often when I don’t have my DSLR with me. I realized that I miss so many great shots while I’m commuting to work. I either don’t have time to stop and take a picture or I don’t have my camera. So, earlier this year I started a series that I call “The Dirty Windshield”.

The Dirty Windshield is by no means a set of quality photographs. They are all pictures I snapped out the window of my truck. Often while driving down the highway at 55 mph. Now, before you chastise me about taking pictures while driving, just know that I never look at what I’m taking pictures of. Sure, I notice my surroundings and see something I would like to have a picture of but I simply activate the camera, point it in the general direction, and fire off pictures, all one handed and without looking at the screen.

Part of the fun of this project is downloading the pictures later and seeing what you got. I’ll be honest, I deleted about three quarters of them and the remainder are not stellar quality. However, they do capture some of my favorite moments of the day. Mostly, those mornings when the sun is burning through the fog or peaking over the mountains. Or, when there is a fresh layer of snow on the trees and when the Snoqualmie River has hit flood stage. So, here’s my set of dirty windshield pictures. Going forward, I vow to carry my DSLR camera more and try and take time for better quality shots 😉