Foggy Mornings

If there’s one thing besides rain we get a lot of here in my part of Washington state, it’s fog. That’s because the Snoqualmie river runs through a fairly deep valley and in the spring and fall we get patterns of warm days with cool nights. Often times the fog is just a thin layer hanging low over the valley floor and in certain lighting conditions, looks like a giant lake. As the sun rises further, so does the fog.

It’s hard to be in the right spot at the right time. One of the things I am still looking for is the perfect overlook spot that isn’t someone’s private property. Otherwise, there aren’t too many places to view this from above. So today, I decided to go down in it a little to see what opportunities there would be. Ultimately, the fog was a little too high for my taste but I captured the feeling I was looking for. In most of these, it’s the solitude of a path or a tree surrounded by mist, reflections, or just the way the fog consumes things.