Photos from the top of the Cologne Cathedral (Der Kölner Dom)

As you might expect, I took a lot of pictures of the Cologne Cathedral but I’m waiting until I return home to process them before posting. This is mainly because I took a lot of shots in HDR and don’t have the software to process them on my laptop.

It was interesting getting to the bell tower section of the spire and then even further up to just below the peak which is 157.4 meters or 518 feet. What they didn’t say when I bought a ticket is that you have to climb a very narrow and steep spiral staircase to get to there. The bell tower is at about 400 feet and by the time you get there, you are very tired. I was loaded down with a backpack containing my camera gear, laptop, a Microsoft Surface, and several other items. I got a workout! I will post the pictures I took inside the tower soon. For now, here are some pictures of Rhine river and surrounding city.

St. Martin church from the bell tower level

St. Martin church from the top of the climb at about 480 feet

In this photo you see the train tracks coming across the Rhine river into the central Cologne train station (Cologne Hbf)

Taken at the bell tower level through dirty windows. Here you can see St. Martin church and the cargo crane buildings I posted previously.

A North-West view from the tower. Off in the distance you can see coal burning power plants

An artist doing a chalk drawing in the square below.

The intricacy of this building is amazing. Can’t wait to process the rest of my pictures