PhotoSec: Hot Air Ballooning in Snohomish Washington

One of the most thrilling things I have ever done was this hot air balloon ride we did for my daughter’s 16th birthday. Snohomish is north of Seattle and is next to the Snohomish River, in Snohomish County. This is a big farming area with a small airport popular for sky divers.

There were two balloons that lifted off that day. We rose to about 2500 feet and then swooped in towards the river grazing the tree tops along the way. There were several people having picnics on the river and they were very surprised to have two giant balloons come drifting in. At one point, the other balloon was getting backed into the trees and as we came in, the two balloons touched. The pilots were extremely professional and knew exactly what they were doing though and there were no mishaps. They took the balloons closer to the ground as we approached the river and at one point, both baskets touched the water. It was pretty cool.

The visibility from 2500 feet was pretty good but it was a little hazy that day. Regardless, we could see Mount Rainier and the city of Seattle off in the distance. I wish we could have gotten a clearer shot though as they would have been amazing.