Big Black Bees are Back

It’s spring in the Pacific Northwest and bee lovers are happy to see some bees returning. Good news for bee lovers! While visiting relatives, the Heather by their house was all abuzz with… Continue reading

The Dirty Windshield

One of the thing I like about how technology has advanced in the mobile space is the quality of the cameras on our mobile phones. I carry two phones, a BlackBerry Bold and… Continue reading

Photos of the Olympic Mountains – Washington State

For anyone who’s taken a look at my Duvall Sunset photos, you’ve seen the Olympic mountain range off in the distance. These mountains are approximately 40 miles from the town of Duvall where… Continue reading

Venus and Jupiter Chase the Moon

I’m not terribly good at these night shots but the way Jupiter and Venus were alinged with the moon tonight, I had to give it a go. At 8:30 pm, there was still… Continue reading

A Duvall Sunset part 2

Three day’s ago I captured these pictures of a brilliant sunset from my front window. I posted one of the pictures that I had downloaded to my iPad but just now got through… Continue reading

Fist of Light

I love seeing pictures people post of clouds with lots of deep dark colors so the other day I was happy to get a chance to capture some of my own. This first… Continue reading

Foggy Mornings

If there’s one thing besides rain we get a lot of here in my part of Washington state, it’s fog. That’s because the Snoqualmie river runs through a fairly deep valley and in… Continue reading

A Duvall Sunset

I’m lucky enough to have this view out my front window and I never get tired of taking pictures of it. It’s a different picture every time. This was tonight and in case… Continue reading

Macro’s with a Modified iPhone

Thanks to my friend Darin at for this idea… Taking the lens out of one of those cheap disposable cameras and fixing it over the lens on a camera phone allows you… Continue reading

Hummingbird’s Love Fuchsia’s!

For the last couple of years, one of my photography goals has been to capture a hummingbird. I had a few opportunities at my wife’s parents house but there the birds were coming… Continue reading

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