Photos of the Olympic Mountains – Washington State

For anyone who’s taken a look at my Duvall Sunset photos, you’ve seen the Olympic mountain range off in the distance. These mountains are approximately 40 miles from the town of Duvall where I live. This weekend, we visited my wife’s parents who live in a town called Union just outside of Shelton Wa. They live on a hillside overlooking the Hood Canal waterway which is part of the Puget Sound and their place is only about 10 miles from the same mountains I take pictures of from my house. These particular mountains are just a bit south of the ones I see which are Mount Jupiter, Constance, and Townsand. But you can see those in the far right of the broader shot.

This first one is the broader shot from their backyard which drops off pretty dramatically to give a sweeping view:

This next shot is of Mount Washington. So called because people think they can see the face of George Washington.  Looking at the photo, the highest peak, which is snow covered, is George’s chin. Moving just to the right, you see the second highest peak, without snow, which is his nose. Following that to the right, you see his forhead and in between, there’s a white patch that is his eye. George is looking straight up into the sky. Local indian tribes prefer to say that this is the face of an indian chief:

Here is another shot of Mount Washington pulled back a little:

This next one is called the Brothers. I like this shot because you can get the elbow of the Hood Canal from this angle:

I caught this robin with the Brothers mountain in the background. This is the same tree you see in the photo above which is quite a ways out from their backyard. Luckily I had my 200mm lens on at the time:

Finally, I’m including a map so you can see the relative locations.  Red is where I live, blue is where my wife’s parents live, and green are the mountains in these photos. Next post, I’ll share some pictures I got on the ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle.