Whiskey – Lumina Series

The Lumina 1020 is at its best in indoor low light situations. Here’s an example with a zoom in of the text from the original photo. Advertisements

HDR of Mount Si – Lumina Series

A reader read my mind and suggested an HDR of this photo. When I was taking them with my Lumina 1020, I did get an under exposed shot with the idea of combining… Continue reading

Mount SI – Lumina Series

This is the raw picture out of my Lumina 1020. This camera does very well in low light but with the dark mountain and bright sky, not as good as you would hope.

Nokia Lumina 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is a phone built around a camera. At 41 mega pixels, it is one of the best small cameras I’ve seen. Add to that the fact that it is… Continue reading

Lightning storm

I was woken up in the middle of the night to a lightning storm so put the GoPro on a tripod and set it outside. Here’s a still and some slow motion footage.

Inside the explosion – 4th of July fireworks up close

Here are some close crops of the fireworks in Honolulu. This show was unlike others that I’ve seen. It had a decidedly tropical feel to it with all of the floral and palm… Continue reading

Honolulu 4th of July Fireworks

Two fireworks shows in less than a week. Of course the 4th of July display was pretty spectacular and we got to watch it from the 25th floor condo of some new friends… Continue reading

Manoa falls hike

Hiked up to Manoa falls today. There ended up being a lot of people in the pool below the falls (even though you’re not supposed to go in there) so I didn’t bother… Continue reading

Hang gliders off of Manana island

It was cool to watch all the hang gliders on this particular hike. These two were way off shore catching drafts off of Manana island for a really long time. It must be… Continue reading

Honolulu Panoramic

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