Viveza 2 for spot editing

A friend of mine told me about Viveza 2 from Nik Software and how it’s great for spot editing. I picked it up after the last wedding shoot and it really did everything it claimed to do. Here’s a recent example of how it really helped my out…

I was doing some head shots recently and my backdrop was pretty well wrinkled. Since it was light colored, I decided to put a slave strobe on it to wash it out. That worked fine but what I didn’t think about was how the bright back light would affect people’s ears. This was not good on my part but even worse, I didn’t really see it on the small screen on camera so it wasn’t until I copied the pictures over to my computer that this became obvious.

With Viveza, you can place individual control points anywhere you want on the picture. You can set the size of the area it affects and it also keys on the pixel colors around the drop point. With that, I dropped a control point on the ear, set the size to just around the ear and made a very quick adjustmet to the saturation in that area. Here are the results:

Placing a control point in Viveza is pretty easy

The final result