Motocross Wiener Style in Orting

My nephew, Vince Wiener, is about to graduate high school. In addition to doing his senior pictures, I’m also producing a senior video. Vince is one of those guys who athletically, is good at just about everything including soccer, lacrosse, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and as he demonstrated yesterday, motocross.

The location was a private track in Orting Washington which is near the base of Mt. Rainier. This is just a warm up for a race next weekend and was my first motocross shoot. I’m hooked. If I ever quit my day job to do photography full time, it would be doing stuff like this.

In addition to getting a ton of great photos, I also captured quite a bit of video and will be putting them all together in a short clip. I have to say, my fairly new Canon 7D really shined for this kind of photography. With a high speed memory card and firing at just over 8 frames per second, I was able to capture enough shots in one series that it almost looks like video. Very cool.

At the end of the day, Vince and his buddy hit this really long over the road jump side by side and both did a fender slap where they reach over the handlebars in mid-air and slap the front fender. I was not in the right spot to get them both in the frame with their hands on the fenders but in this shot, they both have their hands starting to reach over:

In this shot, the landing is down a steep hill into the woods with a tight burm at the bottom. These guys are sailing 40 to 50 feet before they land:

Here is the same jump as the last from a different angle:

Here is another mid-air shots and then a couple with Vince shredding a burm. On that last one, I had to shoot and duck to avoid getting pelted by dirt and rocks. Awesome!: