Weekend Photoshoot with Krista

Last year I shot my daughters senior pictures down in Arizona at a ghost town. That was a lot of fun so I do some free shoots for friends and family here and there. This last weekend I took pictures of Krista, a girl I’ve known since she was little and whose parents are close friends. In fact, I’m including a picture I took of her and my daughter almost exactly 12 years ago. Krista (on the right) was five and my daughter six. My how time flies and kids get all grown up. When she graduates this year, Krista is headed off to the Navy. She claims she is going to shave her head in boot camp!

I want to give my daughter some credit for how all of the senior photo shoots I’ve done have turned out. Including her own. She has been there for all of them and has provided creative direction. She has a great eye for poses and camera angles. There were so many good pictures out of this last shoot. These are the ones I like the best.

BTW, Krista is an awesome baker and made the Banana Ice Cupcakes featured in THIS post. We will miss you Krista. Good luck in the Navy!