PhotoSec: Antelope Slot Canyon

Page is in North Eastern Arizona. Driving through the desert all day to get there, it is very odd to see all of the places there selling house boats. You have to drive a little north of town to see that the Glen Canyon Dam basically forms Lake Powel and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. One of these days I plan to rent a house boat and take some pictures from Lake Powel but on this particular day, we were in Page to see the Antelope Slot Canyon.

Three things I will tell you about the slot canyons aside from the fact that they are truly an awesome work of nature:

1. You have to book your tour through one of the many guides in Page. The canyons are in the Navajo Indian reservation and guides are required.

2. Bring a tripod! I failed on this one. It’s dark in the canyons and very difficult to hand hold and still get a clear shot.

3. Invest in a wide angle lens. The widest lens I had was 28mm and it was not near wide enough to capture all of the cool things inside the canyons.

All that said, it was a great trip and out guide was awesome.