People Post Part 2

Here is the second installment of my People Post. There are some funny stories behind some of these. I won’t tell them all but suffice it to say, every one of them is a learning experience!

I’ve only recently started trying to do most of my shooting in full manual mode. This forces me to think about all the settings. However, when I did the photo shoot with the family pictured, I was caught in the moment and failed to think through everything. For example, I realized that I should set the f-stop to at least 5.6 given that members of the family would be at different depths. But when I did, the pictures were coming out blurry and because the little boy was somewhat restless, I didn’t have time to stop and think things through. So, I move to f/2.8 and most of the blur went away. I should also mention that I was shooting in Apeture Priority. Later I realized that the problem was that I had my ISO set to 100. The day was overcast and we were in a wooded area. Duh. Bumping the ISO to just 400 was what I needed to do.

The point of the story for me is that I have not shot enough for all the different settings to be automatic in my brain. So, I need a checklist in my camera bag to remind me to double check everything. I also need to slow down and take more control of each shoot.

Another key takeaway for me is that when shooting little kids, it’s sometimes best to just let them do what they do and that’s when you get some of the best shots.

Locations: The shots of the family were taken at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens in Bellevue WA in November 2011. The baby photos of the baby girl were taken in her home.