Pictures from the Seattle – Bremerton Ferry

In the map below, you can see that the Seattle-Bremerton ferry route runs through the middle of the Puget Sound. This particular day started out sunny but by the time we caught the 5:30 pm ferry headed to Seattle, the clouds had rolled in.

This is quintessential Pacific Northwest weather. You hear people talking about how it rains all the time in Seattle. Well, when it’s not raining, it’s usually grey like this. Not ideal for the best photographs but I think these are an honest representation of both the beauty and the gloom we have here. Of course, when the sun is out, on those rare occasions, there is hardly a place that can compare.

The mountains are once again, the Olympic Mountains and they are facing west from on board the ferry. So here you have the east/west views. On one side, the small but vibrant city of Seattle and on the other, natures barricade against the Pacific ocean.

I also tried to capture some good photos of the seagulls that follow the ferry’s back and forth across the sound. I probably would have been better off going to an upper deck to get the full effect of how they swarm around begging passengers for food but my wife and I decided the car was more comfortable and warm.