Portraits of Life in Charcoal

Since I was in my teens, I loved to draw. I did a lot of things in pencil. Then one day during art class in my junior year, the teacher suggested that I try charcoal. I’ve never gone back to pencil since! I love the speed and moveability of charcoal. How you can just add a small line and turn it into something broader.

In many ways, my passion for drawing is what lead to working in the high tech industry. In the early 90’s, I started using a computer to do art. One thing led to another and I was soon designing logos, brochures, and business cards. In 1995, I built my first web site and then in 1998, I started my own company doing web development. That experience landed me a job at Microsoft in 2000 and I sold the business in 2006. I think the morale of the story is that there may be a way to turn the things your passionate about into a living. Unless of course you purposely keep them separate 😉

One thing to note about the signatures on some of these. I am named after my father so all of my life my family has called me Sam (I know, quite a bit different than Jerry). Sam’s not even my middle name. Anyway, I didn’t really start going by Jerry full time until after high school so a lot of my earlier drawings are signed as “Sam”. They are mine though. I have most of the originals to prove it 😉

This first drawing is the the first charcoal I did back in high school:

First Charcoal

The next three drawings are just random pictures I picked out of magazines. Except the one of Andy MacDowell. Had a bit of a crush on her:

Andy MacDowell

Another mystery woman

Mystery woman

The next three are from the early 90’s. The old man is my wife’s grandpa. He was awesome. The husky was her dog. I drew that one for her birthday. The woman with the cat is my wife and our first cat Buzzer:

Fred Snow. RIP

Bear. Coolest dog ever.

Nancy and Buzzer

The last three are from 2009. After a long period between drawings, I finally made time to sit down and do some. The two women are my wife and daughter. The little girl, and this is my all time favorite drawing, is my daughter when she was 5. The cat is JoJo. He’s now 8 and sleeps all the time:

My girls

Ash at 5