Columbia River 2012

One day I decided to take a road trip and visit my cousin Tim who lives in Murdock Washington which is just across the Columbia river from The Dalles in Oregon. I love taking pictures of low clouds and fog so go really lucky to see a lot of both on this day in early January 2012. It seems that I’m always trying to get somewhere and have to squeez time in for pictures. I will change that some day and go places just for the photo opportunities. For now, life is busy so I need to try and keep shooting whenever I can.




The above photo is of Beacon Rock. There is a trail to hike up it so I plan to go back this summer and get some pictures from the top.


The picture above was taken near the boat launch at Beacon Rock State Park.


The picture above was taken later in the day. I want to say at about 3:00 pm. It’s one of my faborite shots from the day even though it’s a little blown out in places.




Above: my cousin has this view of Mt. Hood from his deck. That is insane! I would be taking pictures of it every day!


Above: the steam stacks are from two gigantic Google data centers in The Dalles Oregon.


Above: yeah, that’s right. Zebra in Dallesport Washington. It’s pretty cool actually. The location is Schreiner Farms and you can drive up into their farm and see all kinds of animals including zebra, camels, buffalo and even giraff.